Mini Training: Week 6

After last Saturday’s run, I came down with a head cold that lasted through the weekend and Monday. By Tuesday all I had left was a nagging cough that always ends a cold (for me), so running was a go, though it was going to be a relatively easy one. The forecast called for rain Tuesday and Wednesday, so I opted to run at home rather than at the Y. I took Kody with me on Tuesday but was on my own Wednesday and Thursday.

4.09 miles, 0:57:34, 14:18 pace
Bumped my intervals up to 2:15 run and 1:00 walk to see how it went. The new shoes are holding up well. Kody had to stop a couple of times to do his business, but all in all it was a good run

2.18 miles, 0:30:08, 13:51 pace
Another speed workout given by the training coach for the mini training program. This one was a bit of a struggle, and I was pleasantly surprised by the eventual overall pace. I just did loops around a section of my neighborhood just in case the skies opened up on me.

4.34 miles, 1:00:15, 13:53 pace
Planned on going to the Y, but my husband was delayed coming home, so I opted again for running at home, but this time I left Kody behind. 😦  Rain was supposed to be done for the day, but I ended up getting drizzled on the last mile or so.

7.05 miles, 1:43:48, 14:43 pace
My slowest run in over a month. 😦 Ran in Plainfield with my running partner. Rainy and cold, but we were in good spirits. But I was just not feeling the run today. I managed to get seven miles, very slowly, and was completely drenched by the end. I’m glad I did it. I just have no idea what caused the total fatigue in my body and lungs before mile 2 that kept me unable to push at all. This was my “easiest” (on paper) run in a long time, but it felt excruciating! I’m not sure if it was the weather, lingering effects of the head cold, or my diet, or maybe a mixture of all of it. This was, however, my longest run since the half-marathon in September where I injured myself. 😀